One man’s weakness is another’s cash cow

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Francis Waweru, a professional nutritionist and proprietor of “Cosbeat Solutions” began selling these drugs in 2004 and business has been booming since. “I saw an unexploited market gap and went for it,” he says. “My products are mostly imported directly from the manufacturers in the USA, UK and China”. All of Waweru’s products are herbal dietary supplements that are crucial to the well-being of a person. “It is a diet support system, it does not promise to cure completely, but simply to make every sexual health problem manageable.” Waweru deals with products such as ‘VigRx’ — a common drug to manage erectile dysfunction, semenax to improve sperm count and sperm mortality and pheromones (nexus) that contain a substance that attracts, excites and arouses women to a man. Interestingly, the drugs are suggestively named, and you derive the effects a drug will have on you just by reading the name.

Sample this; ‘Maxman’, ‘Savage King’, ‘Handsome up’ and ‘Pro-enhance’. A drug such as VigRx is said to contain components like Asian red ginseng, pumpkin seeds, saw palmetto berry, Catuaba bark extract, hawathorn berry…the list is endless. All these ingredients are known to have aphrodisiac properties to ‘increase organ size, virility and sexual stamina.” “People come with all types of sexual health issues — from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, body building to even weight loss. We have a solution for most problems, he says” While some medicines are prescribed to be taken over a long period of time, such as 12 weeks, there are those quick fixes for a ‘special weekend’.